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About Me

My approach is both holistic and individualistic. We are all unique, and no single method or modality is right for every person or every issue.  We will 'stand together' and side by side, we will find the path that leads us toward acceptance and peace and wholeness..., or balance.

In 2014, after 35 years in the U.S. Military I retired and moved here to the Northern Rivers - Tweed area and almost immediately began taking classes to complete a certificate and diploma in counselling, completing my diploma in 2017. My experience is one that, I believe, makes me uniquely qualified to work with people in high stress, high adrenaline positions.  Whether you're a police person, fire fighter, ED nurse, ex-serviceman or corporate executive, my background in similar roles means we can work together without judgement and with mutual understanding of what brings us to this place at this point in our lives. 

My education, experience and achievements:

Bachelors of Science In Health Care and Hospital Management

Masters of Science in International Relations, Defense Analysis and National Security Affairs

Diploma and Certificates in Counselling


Fellow of the American College of Health Care Executives

Associate Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management


C-Suite level Healthcare Executive, successful at the CEO, COO and CFO level

Several successful business ownership roles

Navy & Marine Corps Combat Parachute Expert

Marine Corps Scuba Diver

Qualified Officer of the Deck Underway and In Port on US Navy Nuclear Aircraft Carriers 

Multiple deployments to the Middle East, Central America, the Arctic, and the Balkans

Led or participated in multiple large Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Relief and refugee operations in  various parts of the world


My Philosophy


My approach to counselling is holistic in nature.  It is my belief that we are influenced by the whole of our experience. We are not isolated beings but are influenced by everything...literally everything.  Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self yearns for balance within and among the whole of our being and we seek harmony with our environment and the people we love.  I strive to approach you and our work together with deep respect, not just for you, but for those who you are connected to. I will honour your fate as you are living your truth, however that might look.

I firmly believe that life patterns are not who we are, nor are our thoughts. Changing you is not my goal; finding the truth of who you are, without all the hurt and turmoil of emotions and mental anguish and injustices; that will be our goal. Often, fighting reality is the source of our turmoil. 

My goal is to ensure that you feel safe; with me, and in the space we chose to work whether that be face to face in my office, walking in nature or using Zoom or Skype.



Affordable, Convenient and Discreate

Access Professional Help

By Phone, Chat, Video


Face to Face

Available Through Skype & Zoom

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