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Meet Tony

Degotoga is the Cherokee word for

'Standing Together'

and the sun cradled by the crescent moon

is the symbol that represents harmony and balance. I decided to use this name and symbol to represent my practice because it pays homage to my family ancestry and the ideals that I  wish to employee when working with you to find balance; emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically and ultimately achieve

your goals.


My Specializations

As a parent and partner, I am equally at home working with men, women and couples from any background or profession who are seeking peace and balance in their lives or relationships. 

My Specializations

I can help with

Personal Growth & Development
Difficult Life Events & Transitions
Relationship Issues 
Illness/Chronic Pain
Destructive Patterns
Emotional Abuse
Physical Abuse
Low Self Esteem 
Low Confidence
Stress Management
Work Related Stress
Health and Well being
Mind Clutter
Interpersonal Relationships (Family Members, Co-workers, Bosses, Friends, etc.)
Feeling Overwhelmed
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Men, Women & Couples

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Individuals & Groups

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Young & Old, Men & Woman

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Business people, Athletes, Students etc.

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Eastern Meditation Techniques & Instruction

I Can Help With

Talking with a counselor can help you deal with thoughts, behaviors, symptoms, stresses, goals, past experiences and other areas that can promote your recovery. Of course, talking with a therapist about personal issues can be tough, but it can help you come to terms with troubling areas in your life. It can also offer an emotional release and a sense of really being heard, understood and supported.

Mentoring, Coaching and Therapy can help you to:

  • feel stronger in the face of challenges

  • change behaviors that hold you back

  • look at how your thoughts affect how you feel

  • identify and change patterns that keep leading you down the same old painful path

  •  work with trauma and pain from the past

  • build relationship skills

    • learn how to use your attachment style to strengthen any relationship

    • learn to love yourself and in so doing enhance your relationships with others

    • learn to argue with love  

  • find and reach your goals

  •  build self-confidence

  • learn to handle strong emotions like fear, grief or anger

  • enhance your problem solving skills